Roundup Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Taproot’s roundups!

The Opportunity

Over the last ten years as traditional news organizations have closed and journalists have been laid off, we’ve seen a dramatic decline in the amount of storytelling about our community. There are simply fewer journalists paying attention! Despite this, the appetite for local news has never been greater.

We believe beat reporting is critical for our community which is why we’re building what comes next in local media. Our whole approach is centered around effectively serving our members and helping our community understand itself better.

Our roundups are curated email newsletters that deliver actionable intelligence each week on local topics of interest. Each roundup is shared via email, social media, and on the web.

What We Offer

We currently publish roundups covering local arts, business, City Council, food, health innovation, media, music, the region, and tech. They have been enthusiastically received by readers with an interest in one or more of those topics. Each week the roundups provide a curated selection of news, upcoming events, and other related updates. The roundups save readers time, keep them informed, and satisfy their curiosity.

We offer two levels of sponsorship per roundup: Title ($7,500/year) and Cultivator ($100/month, billed annually).

As a roundup sponsor, your logo and URL will be included in each published edition, on our website, and we’ll acknowledge your support on social media. You’ll also receive a discount code for Taproot memberships for your team and clients.

The Impact

By sponsoring one or more of Taproot’s roundups you’re contributing to the sustainability of a useful resource for Edmonton. In addition to supporting the roundup itself, sponsorship revenue may also be used to help fund the publication of high quality, in-depth, local journalism that goes deeper into the issues that we chronicle in the roundups each week.

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