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The Dredge Report

Let's Find Out explores where Edmonton's gold comes from

June 5, 2019

Where does all the gold in the North Saskatchewan River come from? And what happened to the gold dredges that went up and down the river a century ago?

Earlier this year, Taproot Edmonton helped present a live recording of local history podcast Let's Find Out. The idea was to generate a whole season of questions about how humans and nature have shaped each other in our city. Allan Farrell submitted these question about Edmonton's long history with gold. He first learned about gold dredging in the river when he read an interpretive panel downtown, which has since been removed.

Allan Farrell looks for the dredge photo that started his journey.

In this episode, Let's Find Out host Chris Chang-Yen Phillips tries to make Allan's life marginally easier by helping him find answers to the questions that plaque left. They visited the City of Edmonton Archives to try to find a photo of the gold dredge that Allan saw, and what happened to it. And they met Jody Dahrouge, of Dahrouge Geological Consulting, to learn more about where the gold in the river comes from.

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Taproot Edmonton is proud to be supporting the 2019 season of Let's Find Out.

Photos courtesy of the City of Edmonton Archives and Chris Chang-Yen Phillips.